美國原裝進口PIPEDREAM.Fetish Fantasy系列-Super Sucker Trio 限量乳房+陰部吸吮器

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原價 /5500
優惠價 /850

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When you’re looking for intense suction pleasure without the use of an external pump, the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Super Sucker Trio is the perfect choice for increasing clit and nipple sensitivity! With two powerful nipple suckers and a clever clitoral cylinder sucker, this kinky combo targets your body’s most sensitive erogenous zones with amazing pump-less suction satisfaction.

Best of all, these incredible super suckers deliver mind-blowing suction without the use of a bulky external pump. Whether you enjoy the visual treat of your newly enlarged nipples and clit or you prefer the fantastic feeling you get from these amazing pleasure pumps, this trio of twisters is a must-have accessory for your next fetish fantasy!

美國成人玩具第一大廠PIPEDREAM所推出的-Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Super Sucker Trio限量乳房+陰部吸吮器


■規格: 尺寸詳如圖片標示。
■商品內容: 吸吮器×3。